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Empowering Individuals
with Autism.

Blue Balloon is dedicated to empowering children with Autism to reach new heights by helping their families recognize the signs of autism and providing them with tools and techniques to develop skills and unlock their greatest potential. We help parents and families navigate the entire process.

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Key Services offered

Psychological Evaluation

The first step is determining if an autism spectrum diagnosis (ASD) is appropriate. Our Psychologists can help make that determination that will provide some guidance on the way forward

ABA Therapy

We provide ABA services in a caring, nurturing manner that stimulates and motivates children to embrace learning by addressing their individual needs in the most compassionate manner.

Early Intervention Center

Offering Early Intervention, Afterschool, and Social Skills Groups in a warm, nurturing environment.

Social Skill Groups

Social skills groups are developed with children of similar age, developmental level, and cognitive ability to develop interpersonal skills needed for life, let out energy and have fun.

Speech Therapy / Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy are often critical components in developing a comprehensive program in supporting individuals with autism. We will develop a custom program ensuring that your child receives all necessary services.

Parent Training

Our holistic approach engages the entire family by supporting you with education and training to understand your child’s current skills and how you can work with your child in reaching their best therapeutic outcomes.

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Blue Balloon offers full-day programs for children on the spectrum from 18 months to 6 years old in our state-of-the-art facilities. Research has demonstrated that therapy at a young age greatly impacts the effectiveness of treatment.   We focus on activities that teach communication skills, coping skills to reduce problem behaviors, play skills, social interactions, and school readiness. Each child’s program is tailored to their individual needs in order to prepare them for their next steps, such as starting school. 


OUR Service Locations

Blue Balloon is a world-class center for children of all ages who are on the spectrum. We provide customized services that support children, their families, and their support systems in several different environments tailored to the child’s unique needs.


Offering Early Intervention,
Afterschool, and Social Skills Groups in a warm, nurturing


Providing support in a school environment for your child to flourish in the best environment suited for their skills


Skill acquisition is
incorporated into a child’s natural routine with flexible scheduling options


Immersive community experiences designed to take learned skills from therapy into the real world

What Is Applied Behavior Analysis (aba)?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the gold standard in assisting children with autism develop new skills and improve socially significant behaviors. ABA is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Surgeon General and the National Academies of Science as the best practice for individuals with autism.

We utilize time-tested and data-driven techniques to:

  • Build communication skills
  • Improve independence and daily living skills
  • Increase social skills
  • Reduce problem behavior
Image of a BHCOE Accreditation Badge

Blue Balloon AWARDED 3 Year Accreditation FROM BHCOE in Maryland

BHCOE Accreditation has recognized Blue Balloon ABA with a 3-year Accreditation in Maryland, acknowledging the organization as a behavioral service provider dedicated to continuous improvement in applied behavior analysis. BHCOE Accreditation recognizes behavioral health providers that excel in the areas of clinical quality, and staff qualifications, and promotes systems that enhance these areas.


Intimidated by insurance? The Blue Balloon team can help.



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July, 2023

Creating Summer Fun at Home: Activities for Kids with Autism

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When it comes to summer fun for kids with autism, engaging activities can be enjoyed right at home. You can create an exciting and inclusive summer experience for your child with a little creativity and planning. This blog post will explore the latest at-home activities designed to promote learning, sensory engagement, and enjoyment for kids with autism during the summer season.

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August, 2023

Recognizing Early Signs and Diagnosis of Autism

Blue Balloon

Early intervention is key to improving outcomes for individuals with autism. Recognizing the early signs and seeking a timely diagnosis can lead to better understanding, support, and interventions for those affected by ASD. In this blog, we will explore the importance of recognizing the early signs of autism and the process of diagnosis.

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September, 2023

The Crucial Role of a Consistent Routine for Kids with Autism

Blue Balloon

For children with autism, navigating the world can be an overwhelming and challenging experience. The seemingly ordinary tasks and situations that most children take for granted can become sources of anxiety and distress. One powerful tool that can make a significant difference in the lives of these children is a well-structured and consistent routine. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of a good routine for kids with autism and how it can help them thrive.

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