Arizona Office

2 North Central Ave Suite 1800 Phoenix AZ, 85004

PH: (844)

Center Services Offered:

ABA Therapy

We provide ABA services in a caring, nurturing manner that stimulates and motivates children to embrace learning by addressing their individual needs in the most compassionate manner.

Parent / Caregiver Training

Our holistic approach engages the entire family by supporting you with education and training, to help you understand your child’s current skills and how you can work with your child in reaching their best therapeutic outcomes.

Comprehensive Skills Assessment

A method by which a professionally trained therapist assess a student's ability to understand, with the intention of adjusting methods of teaching to improve the students ability to learn.

Behavior Intervention Plan

A written plan developed by a professional for a student, with the intentions of encouraging desirable behavior, while discouraging, improving or replacing less desirable behavior.

Team Members

KELLY BRIDGEFORTH - Clinical Director - AZ


Kelly Bridgeforth MS, BCBA, LBA is the Clinical Director of Blue Balloon ABA Arizona, overseeing the quality and care of every child...

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John Greer - Community Outreach Specialist - AZ

John Greer is a seasoned Community Outreach Specialist with the Healthcare industry. He has many years of specializing in various Healthcare and Medical marketing roles.

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