Maryland - Owings Mills Office

Early Intervention Center: 500 Redland Court, Suite 102 Owings Mills, MD 21117

PH: (844)

Center Services Offered:

ABA Therapy

We provide ABA services in a caring, nurturing manner that stimulates and motivates children to embrace learning by addressing their individual needs in the most compassionate manner.

Occupational Therapy / Speech Therapy

Speech and occupational therapy are critical components to the development of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Parent / Caregiver Training

Our holistic approach engages the entire family by supporting you with education and training, to help you understand your child’s current skills and how you can work with your child in reaching their best therapeutic outcomes.

Parent/Caregiver Support Group

We encourage parent/caregivers to be involved with all aspects of treatment and facilitate support groups to provide them with the tools to succeed. Support groups allow parents/caregivers an opportunity to speak with other parent/caregivers in similar situations.

Psychologist Evaluation / Licensed Diagnostician

The first step is determining if a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is appropriate. Our psychologists can help make that determination that will provide some guidance on the way forward.

Social Skill Groups

Social skills groups are groups of children of similar age, developmental level, and cognitive ability created to help foster and develop interpersonal skills, let out energy and have fun.

Behavior Intervention Plan

A written plan developed by a professional for a student, with the intentions of encouraging desirable behavior, while discouraging, improving or replacing less desirable behavior.

Comprehensive Skills Assessment

A method by which a professionally trained therapist assess a student's ability to understand, with the intention of adjusting methods of teaching to improve the students ability to learn.

Early Intervention Center

ABA therapy in a center allows children the opportunity to engage with and learn alongside peers, while receiving 1:1 therapy in a highly structured and supportive environment.

Coordination Of Care

We will coordinate care with other professionals to ensure your child receives all necessary services.

Home Based Therapy

Individualized ABA therapy in the comfort of your home helps your child master new skills in a familiar and natural environment. For children that spend most of their time in the home, home-based therapy can enhance the overall family dynamics and provide a great foundation for your child’s development.

In School Services

Our clinicians develop comprehensive plans that target social integration and challenging behavior in the academic environment. We collaborate with teachers and support staff to assist with and monitor your child’s development to ensure an optimal learning experience.

Team Members

Lori Sova - Speech Therapist


Lori is an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist with over 30+ years of experience working with infants through...

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Catherine Friend (Witanowski) - Regional Clinical Director (Maryland)


Catherine Friend is the Early Intervention Director as well as a BCBA for Blue Balloon ABA. As EI...

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MIRIAM NEWMARK - Clinical Director - MD


Miriam Newmark BCBA, LBA is the Clinical Director of Blue Balloon ABA, overseeing the quality and care of each child...

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Kirsten Jensen - Community Outreach Director - MD

Kirsten's journey into the world of autism intervention began during her studies at UMD College Park, where she focused on psychology and special education.

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Sera Dore - Center Administrator - Owings Mills, MD


Hi, My name is Sera. I graduated with my bachelor's in psychology in 2016 from Albright College. I first stepped into the field soon after, supporting children diagnosed with autism in the school setting.

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Connor Coulbourn - Recruiter - MD

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