How To Be A Great Behavior Technician

How To Be A Great Behavior Technician

India Carson - Behavior Technician
Feb 2023

In my opinion there are five major characteristics that contribute towards success as a behavioral therapist.

They are as follows:

·  Empathetic 

·  Flexible 

·  Patient 

·  Passionate

·  Professional

If these ideals are implemented in the everyday practice of a therapist, I believe success within this field is inevitable. 


Empathy is essential in what we do as ABA therapists. We utilize an evidence-based approach to behavior modification that works best when the clients we serve feel the overall approach is paired with therapists who practice empathy and compassion. Bad days happen to all of us, and children are no exception. Sometimes, for various reasons, a child may be disengaged, disinterested in therapy, or regress back to challenging behavior. Instead of getting upset, it’s important that ABA therapists practice empathy. An empathetic ABA therapist should take the time to understand why the child is engaging in a particular behavior.


ABA therapy is a flexible and adaptable treatment that can be adapted to the needs of each child. This means ABA therapists need to be adaptable, too. What works perfectly for a single case or client may not be appropriate or effective for another. An ABA therapist must use each child’s history, current behaviors, and challenges to determine the intervention plan to implement. 


Treating  behaviors related to autism takes time and consistency. By practicing patience, ABA therapists can set attainable goals for each client and aid them in making manageable steps to meet them. Patience also plays an important role in managing challenging behaviors. When children with autism display maladaptive behavior, you’ll need to stay calm and avoid becoming frustrated.


Passion about both the study of ABA therapy and helping others is essential when practicing behavior modification. Being knowledgeable about the latest research and trends, assists therapists with being more equipped to help the children you work with every day. In our approach we balance your love of knowledge with your passion for helping the clients we serve. The most rewarding part of our profession is assisting children with autism overcome their greatest challenges and live life to the fullest.


Professionalism is an important aspect of any career and should definitely be practiced in order to be successful in the field of ABA. A successful ABA therapist should practice punctuality, ensure active communication with the families they’re serving, and collaborate with other ABA therapists. Whether you’re working in the field or in a clinic, it’s imperative to maintain professionalism at all times.

Here are five major characteristics that contribute towards success as a behavioral therapist. Empathy, Flexibility, Patience, Passion and Professionalism. Let's take a closer look at each of these valuable qualities.


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